About Me

Getting to know the man beneath all that muscle

I'm Arjun Narendran, a professional car racer, from Coimbatore, India. My career in this enterprising field began in 2011, when I discovered my fervor and fascination for this challenging art. It was then that my uncle, Mr. V. Ram Narayan, stepped in and offered me unconditional support, for which I’m forever grateful.

Being a sportsperson demands a significant amount of physical and mental training. As far as physical training is concerned, I was fortunate enough to be tutored by a six time INRC motor Rally Champion, Mr N.LEELAKRISHNAN. In order to tackle the mental and physical pressure, I was mentored by two leading sports psychologists, Mr.Badri and Mr.Ramji Srinivasan. Under the guidance of the above mentioned experts, I have managed to handle life as a racer, surviving all troubles and hardships.

In India, I race in FMSCI ITC, where in 2011, 2012 and 2013 I finished very close to the championship. 2014 was when I reached my peak, for I was crowned as the "Indian National Touring Car Champion". This, I believe, is a matter of pride for a racer hailing from the racing hub of India – Coimbatore.

In addition to that, I race in the FF1600 category, which, in my opinion, involves a lot more hard work and practice. In light of my having tested the Renault Clio in UK a couple of times, I hope to step into the international market in 2015.With the above performance parameters defining my career, I'm hoping to expand my horizons in motorsports, and also to make a mark in the BTCC and the WTCC. Like every other racer, my ambition is to excel in every track, and conquer every circuit. Reaching the pinnacle of excellence is no piece of cake. But I believe that the right training, coupled with confidence and dedication, is sure to put me on my desired path.

Aim & Ambition

My ambition & objective is not only to be a professional racing driver but also a responsible racing driver.